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September News from Fairway Green

Check out the latest from Fairway Green, below! Fescue seeding in the Transitional Zone Fairway Green is booking now for core aeration or slit seeding. We offer either slit-seeding or aeration seeding based on the condition of your lawn. The proper time to seed tall fescue in the Transitional Zone is at the end of… Read more »

Check out the latest from Fairway Green, below!

Fescue seeding in the Transitional Zone

screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-9-54-35-amFairway Green is booking now for core aeration or slit seeding. We offer either slit-seeding or aeration seeding based on the condition of your lawn.
The proper time to seed tall fescue in the Transitional Zone is at the end of August to mid-October; not the spring. Ground and air temperatures are in the best range for the longest period time for germination and root development. Many fescue lawns will require seeding this fall due to the early hot dry spell in early summer and heavy disease damage. Fescue lawns that did not receive regular preventative fungicides appear to have the worst damage once again this summer.
Core aeration seeding is a common practice to seed in the fall. Core aeration helps reduce upper soil compaction and prepares a seeding bed at the same time. A seeding bed is needed to have the best seed to soil contact for the best possible germination rate and establishment.


Southern Perfection Turf Type Fall Fescue Mixture

Southern Perfection

Southern Perfection

Fairway Green uses and offers to customers and non-customers its very own hand selected turf type tall fescue mixture; “Southern Perfection”. Fairway Green’s “Southern Perfection” contains a mixture of 35% Falcon IV, 30% Tribute II, 30% Renegade DT and 2% Rockstar Kentucky Bluegrass. Turfgrass for the next century…winning the fight against surface-feeding insects, grows low but grows strong…your lawn will never be greener, naturally cut down on clippings and mowing. Falcon IV, Tribute II and Renegade DT are the best tall fescue varieties available in the industry. Tested across multiple states, locations and environments these varieties exhibit improved turf quality, vibrant turf color, excellent disease resistance and improved stress tolerance. Rockstar Kentucky bluegrass is the fastest establishing elite Kentucky bluegrass available in the lawn care industry. Looking for elite turf, fast germination and enhanced knitting of turf for improved sod strength and traffic tolerance? Look no further than Rockstar. In addition to all these great qualities, Southern Perfection contains 0% weed seed and 0% other crop seed.

Southern Perfection is now Water Star® qualified by the Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance (TWCA). Visit Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance for additional information about this exciting program.


Large Patch Fungus on Warm Season Turf

Large Patch Fungus in Zoysia

Large Patch Fungus in Zoysia

Late September starts the Large Patch fungus season on Zoysia, Bermuda, Centipede and St. Augustine. Fairway Green is seeing more cases of this disease every year in our area.  Large Patch Fungus is a damaging disease on Zoysia, Bermuda, Centipede and St. Augustine turf in the fall and early spring. This disease is similar to Brown Patch Fungus on Fescue. Large Patch Fungus needs to be controlled with two applications of fungicide in the fall when ground temperatures are between 50 and 70 degrees. Damage occurs before you are aware you have it and is not visible until green-up in the spring. Preventative Fungicide in the fall and early spring are the only way to control this disease.


Fall is an Excellent Time to Plant Ornamental Trees and Shrubs

screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-10-15-13-amPlanting ornamentals in the fall allows the plants to establish with less stress from heat and drought conditions.  Ornamentals typically do not need watering every day after planting from a pot.  A good rule of thumb would be every three days without natural rainfall.  Over watering can promote root funguses which are deadly to the tree or shrub. Before planting, review recommended planting depths, locations and special soil or pH requirements.  Be sure to not plant too deep.  This is a common problem and will eventually cause permanent damage to the tree or shrub.


Controlling Dallisgrass in Bermuda Athletic Fields or Bermuda Lawns


Dallisgrass in Fescue

Fall is one of the best times to control Dallisgrass in Bermuda.  Excellent control can be obtained when you use a combination of specialty herbicides.  Generally, two applications 14 days apart will offer an acceptable level of control.




Camellia Cottony Scale


Camellia Cottony Scale on Holly

Camellia Cottony Scale is a problematic insect on many ornamental trees and shrubs in the landscape and in the wild. It is common on Camellia’s and Holly but has several other host plants in the landscape. Camellia Cottony Scale is easy to identify by looking under the leaf of an infected plant. At first glance, an infected plant will usually have yellow leaves or yellow blotches. Often there will be a dark sooty mold on the upper portion of the leaf. Since this scale produces honeydew, you may find ants crawling on the infected plant. This Scale will look like white fluffy dashes under the leaf.

Black Sooty Mold on Holly from Camellia Cottony Scale

Black Sooty Mold on Holly from Camellia Cottony Scale

It is a very difficult to control all scale insects, including this one. If you find this scale on your ornamentals an aggressive control plan needs to be put in place to control major damage. Horticultural oils offer a level of control but are difficult to apply properly because this scale spends its time on the underside of the leaf. Contact insecticides should be applied on a regular basis to control the crawling stage scale.


Important Change for Warm Season Turf Customers

Fairway Green is changing the way we service your Early and Late Fall Service. This change is being made based on the latest research for providing the best possible Poa annua (annual Bluegrass) control in your warm season turf lawn. Poa annua is an annual winter grassy weed that is problematic in warm season turf. Fall and Late Fall Services will now be applied closer together than in the past. We will monitor the ground temperatures and apply the Fall Service when it is ideal. Fall Service will begin around the end of September. The products we are using require this tighter application schedule to offer the best level of control. This is not an extra application in your turf program; they are being applied a little closer together than in the past.


Fairway Green Mosquito Control Program

Fairway Green Mosquito Control Program has been very successful. We are receiving several praises from people that feel they can use and be in their yard during the summer again.tiger-mosquito-49141_1280
Safely enjoy the outdoors this summer by controlling disease-ridden mosquitos at home
We all know Mosquito transmit diseases like West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, Chikungumya and Zika!
Fairway Green’s Mosquito Control program can help control Mosquitos giving you and your family peace of mind.
Receive $10.00 off your first application.

*New Mosquito Control customers only, cannot be combined w/other offers.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 9.24.46 AM

If you have questions about your lawn care services, or would like to request a free estimate, please contact Fairway Green today! We are happy to help you achieve the beautiful lawn you deserve!