Bermuda Suppression for Lawns in Charlotte, Huntersville, Concord and Surrounding Areas!

While some homeowners in the Charlotte region use Bermuda turfgrass  for their lawns, on the whole Fescue is a much more popular choice. For those looking to have a beautiful Fescue lawn, Bermuda grass can create a problem!  Bermuda often invades Fescue and then spreads to landscape beds, edges of sidewalks and even into neighboring gardens. In these cases, Bermuda suppression is definitely needed and our Charlotte, Huntersville, Concord lawn care professionals are here to help.

How the Invasive Bermuda Grass spreads

Bermuda is a warm season turfgrass, and in the summer it commonly finds its way into cool season turfgrass lawns. It spreads by using a complex system of underground lateral roots known as rhizomes and  by using its stolons, or above ground lateral stems. It can also be spread by seed, in cases where people are having a new land seeded. Bermuda is very tough to kill and in most cases Bermuda suppression is the only option. Our Charlotte, Huntersville, Concord lawn care services professionals know all there is to know about this invasive weed, and would love to help you!

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