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Charlotte: (704) 392-0811
  • BEST Lawn Care we have EVER had in Garner! Took a plot of dirt, weeds and moss & turned it into a beautiful green lawn.
  • Our lawn is one of the best looking lawns in the neighborhood. We have almost zero weeds and the grass is lush and green.
  • Have done a FANTASTIC job with our yard. Took it from brown to green in no time at all!



“We have Bermuda grass, Fairway Green is an excellent service for us. We have been using them for over 3 years now and all of our neighbors have switched them as well. If you have an issue, they are right on it and get you taken care of quickly.” – Andy H.

“The seed that Fairway Green uses, Southern Perfection, is super resistant to brown spot fungus. Our next door neighbor had horrible outbreaks of brown spot fungus all over his yard next to our yard, but when the fungus got to the edge of our yard it stopped in its tracks; it didn’t enter our yard. Great seed!” – Jeff G.

“Fairway had transformed my front yard into the nicest on the block. Now have them helping with my back yard. No doubt be just as impressive. Field & Office staff very knowledgeable and helpful.” – Erin B.

“Great customer service and a great looking lawn!!!!” – Tom T.

“Fairway Green is the premier yard company in my book. In the last couple of years, their attention to my yard has been outstanding. When in the yard, walkers have complimented how beautiful and weed free it is. Their attention and focus has created a beautiful carpet of green and against my blue home….it is an aesthetically pleasing view from the road. 5 Stars for Fairway Green! Many thanks!!” – Sandra E.

“I was referred to Fairway Green by a coworker and they been taking care of my lawn for the past three years. They do a great job with weed control and keeping my lawn healthy and green. Staff are always professional and friendly, both in the office and at your home. Technicians are always willing to answer your questions and address your needs. I would highly recommend Fairway Green to keep your lawn looking great!” – Brian M.

“Great company! Easy to work with! Great results! Steve Kirby is an MVP!!” – Aaron S.

“I decided to try them based on a neighbor’s recommendation and so far it has been a very good move. Very prompt response, detailed analysis of our yard and fair pricing. Tech was out within a few days to start our treatment. Results are guaranteed. Can’t go wrong. Highly recommend!” – Dr P.

“Kenny started calling for our lawn service business last year (for the 2017 season). I ended up going with a different lawn care company; after the fact, I realized that that company was much more expensive. Fortunately I had told Kenny to call me back for the next year…and he did! I hadn’t made any decisions each time he called and asked him to follow up with me for probably 6 weeks. Like clock- work he did just that! The funny thing is, I never felt that he was “selling me” because I really hate that! In fact, I was getting ready to go with another company since it was a referral from some neighbors when I realized that their Lime Treatment was an additional cost (not saving us much money from the previous company). When I told the salesman at the other company to hold off for a little as I needed to check something out, he got really salesy on me. I called Kenny, he was pleasant, honest, and down to earth and he won my business!! I can’t wait to see the service behind it because I have a feeling it’s going to be good!” – Dece T.

“We want to thank you (Fairway Green) for taking the time to address our concerns. I am confident in saying that in today’s world not many people/companies would have stepped up and offered the solutions in the way you have, very impressed. As I mentioned I am a PM for a large commercial builder here in NC, I have managed contracts with [several landscaping companies] and I can say from experience these folks would not offer to provide this level of customer service, it is truly a quality that is lacking in the world today.”

“I just want to send my appreciation for the unbelievable customer service I received from Steve Kirby. Over the past two years, I’ve had numerous interactions with Steve and he has always been courteous, professional and extremely knowledgeable…But this past Spring, Steve went above and beyond. I had seen a brown patch and texted a picture of it to Steve on a Saturday, asking him to call me on Monday. Instead of calling me, Steve happened to be in the area on Sunday and actually made a house call to look at the lawn. Absolutely amazing! You just don’t find that kind of customer service anymore.”

“The timing of Fairway Green’s service (each feeding) is spot on. My lawn is looking great even in the summer heat as long as I also do my part in watering the lawn based on FG’s suggestions. Their prices are very reasonable as well. I would recommend them to anyone.”

“They’ve been taking care of my lawn for several years and it’s never looked better.”

“I’m pleased with their service. It’s a yearly plan. They tailor their fertilization according to the type of lawn you have which I have Bermuda grass and they apply the seasonal fertilization needed for this time of year.”

“I’ve been using them since 2013 and have been very happy with their service. I’ve pre-paid the last 2 years and received the discount. If there’s a spot that needs another treatment, they come back out, free of charge, to touch-up that area.”

“We have been very pleased with their work. They are very prompt and do what they said they are going to do. They don’t make a mess- when they leave it is just like it was when they came.”

“Scott came out promptly, looked over our Zoysia yard and gave us a quote for seasonal treatment. Once we had time to look over, we emailed him back and they were out even faster than promised for the first treatment. Very professional, quick and courteous.”

“They are professional, very responsive and the lawn looks really good.”

“The company has been very responsive since I first contacted them for an estimate for services. Their pricing was in-line with others, but the representatives at Fairway Green gave me some added free advice on how to quickly handle some weed issues and bare spots in the lawn. One of the other service companies wanted $100 to spot treat weeds and bare spots directly. I took care of the issue for about $20 and an hour of my time.

“They came out today for the 2nd application and spent 15 minutes reviewing the lawn with me. I have a few summer weeds that exist, but mainly due to not having the winter/early spring application (pre-emergent). He knew I had relocated from out of state and warned me that the grass will go somewhat dormant this winter and will brown a little.”

“At all times – the representatives have never been pushing and/or attempted to oversell me on stuff I don’t need.”

“My lawn looks great! This company is very professional and great to work with. I’ve had a problem with weeds and sub par grass for years even after treatments from another lawn service, but after a couple visits from Fairway Green my lawn looks green and healthy with no weeds. The guy that performed the treatments, Seth, was very nice and informative. My neighbor was so impressed that he has hired them as well. I highly recommend Fairway Green.”

“You all have been wonderful to work with and have made my lawn beautiful!”

“Last year I decided enough was enough with my lawn. After taking care of it myself for years, I decided to hire a lawn service. Fairway Green were the first to respond to my request for a quote so I tried them out. They started their 6 application/year system and my lawn is looking great. They also aerated and seeded for me last fall, coming back to hand seed spots that didn’t germinate. It looked great this spring. Their prices are reasonable and their employees professional.”

“The yard has never looked better!”

“Excellent in every way”

“Our lawn was a disaster. They treated for weeds. After a month, most all of the weeds were dead. A quick call and they came back for a follow up spot treatment. They have put several applications of fertilizer since the weed application. Lawn looks great.”

“They were great. The treatment worked with the ants and my lawn looks great. I can now walk around my yard barefoot! They offer a lot more services which I really like. I have been completely satisfied with them. You will be paying a little more but it is completely worth it.”

“They have done an incredible job. They have taken the yard from nothing to a yard that is now beautiful.”

“They have been wonderful. They come out and look at the yard all of the time to make sure nothing needs to be done. The workers are incredible and communicate. We are on a regular schedule with them and their prices are very reasonable.”

“They’ve done an excellent job! My grass really looks great since I’ve started working with them.”

“I’ve been using Fairway Green for several years and am very pleased with their ‘six-times-a-year’ lawn service. (I have a small amount of grass, and I pay a ‘per-visit’ amount.) I had noticed that a neighbor’s yard looked SO much better than mine . . . even though I had a ‘big-name’ yard service. Well, he was using Fairway Green, a small, locally owned company. What a difference! Fairway Green doesn’t cut corners and reliably comes to put down fertilizer, broadleaf weed control, lime, etc. at the right time. I highly recommend them.”

“Fantastic! This lawn is soooo much better after switching to Fairway Green. So attentive and professional!”

“Fairway Green is the third service provider I have used for lawn fertilization and weed control the past two years. I have bermuda grass and the previous two companies I was with (TruGreen and Leapfrog Landcare) took basically a one size fits all approach. After signing up with Fairway Green, they came out to take a soil sample so they knew exactly what nutrients/treatments my lawn needed. As a result my lawn has never looked better. Their staff is very courteous and professional. I would highly recommend their services.”

“After several years of wonderful service we are moving out of the area and will no longer need treatments. During the marketing of my house I received numerous compliments on how lush and healthy the yard looks and it’s a testament to the quality of your business. Thank you so much.”