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Can Holiday Lawn Decorations Damage My Yard?

As you decorate your outdoor space this holiday season, consider these tips to help protect your yard.

While holiday lawn decorations can transform your yard into the most festive on the block, they can also harm it. Both cold- and warm-season lawns can be more prone to damage as the temperature drops, and lawn decorations can contribute to this. Read on to learn how to deck out your home while keeping your yard safe. 

Tips for Keeping Your Yard Safe This Holiday Season

Here are five ways you can make sure your outdoor space stays safe during this holiday season:

Avoid Heavy Decorations


Hefty decorations can put unnecessary pressure on your lawn, disrupting the soil and making it harder for the grass to grow in the springtime. When selecting lawn decorations, opt for lighter options, such as inflatables or stakes with festive flags. If you have a heavier decoration you really want to showcase, place it on your patio to avoid hurting your yard.

Rotate Items

While lighter decorations have less of an impact on your lawn, it’s still a good idea to move them around frequently. Any sized objects placed on your lawn can potentially block out sunlight and air from the grass, so it’s important to limit the time they spend in one spot. We recommend moving your decorations at least once a week to give your lawn some time to breathe.

Keep Greenery Away From Heat Sources

When using dried greenery for decorations, make sure they aren’t near any heat sources like candles, strings of lights or vents. Also, examine your light strands before hanging them to make sure they work properly and aren’t fraying.

Use a Timer


Nightly treks out to turn on lights and other electrical decorations can really take a toll on your yard. In the winter months, your grass is already susceptible to chilling temperatures and precipitation, making it even more vulnerable to your walk back and forth. Instead, use an automatic timer to limit foot traffic. 

Focus on Your Home

One final piece of advice is to keep your decorations attached to your home. If you have large columns on your patio, consider wrapping lights around them or hanging dangling decor.

Protect Your Yard This Year and Next with Fairway Green

While holiday decorations likely won’t ruin your yard, you may notice it’s seen better days. Schedule your free lawn estimate with Fairway Green’s licensed experts to get your outdoor space in its best shape.