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What Can Halloween Foot Traffic Do to My Lawn?

It’s the spookiest time of year, but it doesn’t have to be that way for your lawn. Protect your lawn with our tips.

Fearful for your lawn’s wellbeing once costumed kids head over? Read on for the info and easy, trick-or-treater-friendly solutions you need.

Can Foot Traffic Damage My Grass?

In general, no. Grass is resilient, and as a plant, it’s more than just what you can see. Since the base of grass is responsible for its growth, more often than not, walking won’t pose a threat–especially with a coarse, sturdy grass like fescue. This all said, there are some extenuating circumstances to keep in mind.

If Your Soil Is Especially Soft

Walking can lead to your soil becoming impacted, which prevents drainage and makes water unable to reach the roots of your grass. This can open your lawn up to even more damage and even disease if not dealt with. If you ever suspect you have impacted soil, we can check and offer aeration services that’ll turn things around.

If You’ve Recently Seeded

If you have a cold-season lawn and recently seeded it, this leaves it more susceptible to walking damage. Stepping on it can disturb the seeding process and potentially lead to the moving of seeds, creating bare patches.

If It’s An Especially Cold Halloween

If we have a below-freezing Halloween where you’re located and your grass blades have frost on/around them, be sure to keep people clear. Otherwise, the ice crystals that form within your grass blades can potentially destroy them from the inside out if stepped on.

How To Keep Your Lawn Safe and Fun

With the right festive choices, you can stay in the halloween spirit while keeping your lawn protected:

  • Create a halloween-friendly perimeter around your grass. From decorative fencing to seasonal lawn stakes and cardboard tombstones, there are endless options.
  • Use some atmospheric lighting to make going up your home’s walkway as inviting as it is spooky.
  • Bring Halloween to trick-or-treaters by setting up your candy station at the end of your driveway or walkway.

Just be wary when using inflatables to keep your lawn covered, as they can potentially weigh enough to cause damage themselves. As well as prevent light, water and nutrients from reaching your grass’ roots.

Fairway Green Has Lawn Care Covered

Especially if you take some minor precautions, your lawn will most likely bounce back from any Halloween missteps. For everything else, Fairway Green can offer the expertise needed to help your lawn be at its best. To get started, schedule your free lawn estimate.