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Charlotte: (704) 392-0811
  • Fairway Green is the premier yard company in my book...Their attention and focus has created a beautiful carpet of green and against my blue home….5 Stars for Fairway Green! Many thanks!! -Sandra E.
  • Fairway had transformed my front yard into the nicest on the block. Now have them helping with my back yard. No doubt be just as impressive. Field & Office staff very knowledgeable and helpful. -Erin B.
  • Fairway Green is an excellent service for us. We have been using them for over 3 years now and all of our neighbors have switched them as well. If you have an issue, they are right on it and get you taken care of quickly. -Andy H.
  • Great customer service and a great looking lawn!!!! -Tom T.
  • Great company! Easy to work with! Great results! -Aaron S.
  • The seeding crew was here and at our other property and they did an excellent job. All areas were well covered with aeration and seeding. Thank you for getting this done correctly. -Jessie T.
  • We want to acknowledge Fairway Green for the outstanding service and guidance over the last few years. -Kim and Bill S.

Weed Control & Lawn Care in Kannapolis, NC

For the best yard results in the Kannapolis area, homeowners have turned to Fairway Green time and time again. We’ve been delivering budget-friendly and high-performing lawn solutions for 30+ years.

Learn About Our Lawn Care Services in Kannapolis:

Soil Samples

Before any maintenance work, we take 3-5 soil samples from your lawn to understand what  challenges it’s facing and what could make a difference. 


The most overlooked way to keep your grass and soil healthy and control thatch growth? Annual aeration.


Seeding is often better for your lawn’s well-being than laying sod or plugging. Our custom seeding services can help you move towards the lushest lawn possible.

Weed Control

A weed takeover is preventable and/or treatable with our EPA-approved products and expert applications.


Fertilizer is a key component to keep your lawn packed with nutrients. Whether you have a cool- or warm-season lawn, we have specialized options covered. 

Tree & Shrub Care 

Just like your lawn, your ornamental trees and shrubs can be the victim of insects, disease and more. We can help keep them healthy, too, with insect and disease control and fertilization services. 

Disease Control

A lawn disease can be a big issue if not properly dealt with. When you first suspect one, we can identify it and put your lawn on the path to recovery.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes won’t rule your lawn and outdoor spaces with our treatment plans.

Insect Control

Lawn insects running rampant? We can put together a plan for properly dealing with and preventing them. 

Pasture Care

For any acreage size, we can help increase forage capacity, fill in bare spots and ensure ongoing maintenance.

Athletic Field & Turf Care

Your fields and/or turf can be cutting-edge with custom fertilization, aeration, overseeding, weed control and top dressing services that work with your schedule. 

Contact us today or call (704) 392-0811 for your free estimate.

Turf Maintenance Plans for Every Lawn

Looking for ongoing lawn care? Our turf maintenance plans provide regular lawn treatments to keep your grass, trees, or shrubs looking their best. Learn more about our plans, find the perfect program for your lawn, and request your free estimate today!

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