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December 2021 News From Fairway Green

With a new season and year right around the corner, keep your lawn in optimal condition with the below info. 

Our Holiday Hours

Fairway Green will be closed on December 24th, December 27th and December 31st. We look forward to continue to supporting you otherwise!


Reminder About Limestone With Micronutrients Applications

Special note for customers who have not yet received their limestone application in the 2021 season:   

Due to product availability and employee demands, your 2021 season limestone application may occur in January or February 2022.  This is not your 2022 season application, and we will provide a  2022 application, too. This will adjust/maintain any pH and micronutrient level in the soil for the two-year period.

Limestone with micronutrients is part of your regular turf maintenance program and can be applied any time of year. This product is not dependent on timing like your other scheduled services. Therefore, you may receive this application very close to a previous or upcoming application. This is a regularly scheduled application, not an additional one, which are completed throughout the year. 

Limestone is the work horse for your soil in a managed turf environment. Fertilizer applications naturally lower soil pH levels in all soil types. It is not drastic but does move the level from ideal to too-low for healthy plant development. This is why it is important to apply limestone every year, even if your current pH levels are in the proper range. 


Dealing With Leaves and Other Debris

Severe damage will occur if leaves stay on turf for extended periods of time. Damage can be especially quick and severe for Fescue lawns that had fall seeding or sod. We recommend blowing leaves off immature turf rather than raking them. Be sure to keep leaves off your dormant, warm-season turf as well.


Challenges of Fescue Seeding Season 

Germination and development will be slow going forward until spring, due to shorter days (less photosynthesis) and cooler ground temperatures (less than ideal for germination and plant activity). This is exacerbated by the extremely dry weather we have experienced this fall. 

If you still have thin areas and seed on the ground, be patient. Adding more seed to these areas will not produce a different outcome and will just waste seed. It is not uncommon to have seeds germinate and develop throughout the winter and very early spring. Usually, turf will have  developed enough to use pre-emergence safely in late February and early March.  

Generally, we receive enough rainfall in the winter to maintain good soil moisture for seedling development. Plus, seedling development and germination will have naturally slowed down, allowing vigorous watering to be less. However, if we go through a warm and/or dry period, it may be necessary to water between natural rainfalls. This can be challenging if you have in-ground irrigation that has been winterized.