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  • Fairway Green is the premier yard company in my book...Their attention and focus has created a beautiful carpet of green and against my blue home….5 Stars for Fairway Green! Many thanks!! -Sandra E.
  • Fairway had transformed my front yard into the nicest on the block. Now have them helping with my back yard. No doubt be just as impressive. Field & Office staff very knowledgeable and helpful. -Erin B.
  • Fairway Green is an excellent service for us. We have been using them for over 3 years now and all of our neighbors have switched them as well. If you have an issue, they are right on it and get you taken care of quickly. -Andy H.
  • Great customer service and a great looking lawn!!!! -Tom T.
  • Great company! Easy to work with! Great results! -Aaron S.
  • The seeding crew was here and at our other property and they did an excellent job. All areas were well covered with aeration and seeding. Thank you for getting this done correctly. -Jessie T.
  • We want to acknowledge Fairway Green for the outstanding service and guidance over the last few years. -Kim and Bill S.

Lawn Care FAQ’s

General Lawn Maintenance

How Much Water Should My Lawn Get?

Generally, all turf types require approximately 1″ of water a week to thrive (this can come from irrigation or natural rainfall). As a general rule, be sure to water if your grass starts to look straw-like, gets a blue-gray tint or your footprints remain in the turf longer than usual. Just remember, though: it is possible to overwater your lawn.

At What Height Should I Mow My Lawn?

Mowing height ranges vary by grass type:

  • Fescue: 3.5-4’’
  • Bermuda: 1-1.5”
  • Zoysia: 1.5-2.5’’
  • Centipede: 1-1.75’’
  • St. Augustine: 1.75-2.25’’
Will Sod Fix a Problem Area in the Lawn?

If an area in your lawn has had a problem growing grass for years, using sod will be a short-term solution to a permanent problem. It would be better to identify the cause of poor turf growth before applying sod (we can help with this).

The Fairway Green Treatment Process

Are All the Treatments in My Maintenance Program Necessary?

Each treatment is seasonally designed to take care of specific types of turf needs at the precise time they need attention. Taking less than the full program can compromise the quality of your lawn.

Will My Lawn Be Weed-Free and Insect-Free After Treatment?

No. There is not a product available that can do this. But by using high-quality products, Fairway Green can reduce the population of weeds and insects to the point that they are not visually noticeable or damaging. If at any time you feel the treatments are not effectively controlling weeds and insects, please contact us.

Why Can't I See The Product I Applied on My Lawn?

Some of the products Fairway Green uses are odorless and not visible. We also try to keep all products off driveways and other hard surfaces. If at any time you have questions about one, please contact us.

Does Fairway Green Guarantee Its Service?

Yes! Fairway Green guarantees your satisfaction and prides itself in providing you with the finest lawn care service available. If you have any concerns, please contact us and we will respond promptly (even if we have to repeat a treatment). Your results are our primary goal, and each treatment is satisfaction guaranteed for 30-days.

Does Fairway Green Use Products That Can Harm Children, Pets or The Environment?

Fairway Green only uses the safest materials available. Every product applied to your lawn or landscape is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency for its intended use. If you are still concerned, try our organic fertilization services for additional peace of mind.

How Long Do I Need To Stay off My Lawn After Treatment?

If possible, try to stay off of it for about an hour after. This will allow any products to dry enough and perform at their best.

When Can I Cut the Grass After Treatment?

It is best to wait 24 hours after a treatment to reap the full benefits. If you cut your lawn before then, your treatment may take an extra two weeks to show.

I Can’t Water My Entire Lawn. Will Treatment Still Be Effective?

If you can’t water your lawn due to its size, water restrictions or for any other reason, treatments will still be effective. However, it may take longer to see a response to treatment. In addition, your lawn may go into a semi-dormant state and lose some color and fullness.

Will Rainfall Immediately After Treatment Affect It?

No! Rainfall will not reduce the effectiveness of treatment. In fact, moisture from rain or irrigation can even enhance results. However, if you feel heavy rain has affected it, please wait a couple weeks and contact us with any concerns.

How Long Should It Take To Service My Lawn?

The average lawn will take about 7-10 minutes to treat.

Why Do I Still Have Broadleaf Weeds After Treatment?

Broadleaf weeds usually take up to 2 weeks to show signs of control. Tougher ones may even take multiple applications to show results. If Broadleaf weeds are present between 2-4 weeks after your full treatment, contact us and will be happy to return and provide another application at no charge. Just remember: it is only possible to control weeds in the lawn with treatment, not eradicate them entirely.

Will I Be Left With Instructions After Each Treatment?

Yes. You will receive detailed instructions and additional recommendations for anything else that can maximize the appearance of your lawn.

How Will I Be Billed for Service?

An invoice will be left on your door after service is completed. Payment can be completed upon receipt, made online or mailed in within 10 days of service. You can also prepay for annual programs for an additional discount.

Turf Maintenance Plans for Every Lawn

Looking for on-going lawn care? Our turf maintenance plans provide regular lawn treatments to keep your grass, trees, or shrubs looking their best. Learn more about our plans, find the perfect program for your lawn, and request your free estimate today!

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