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Insect Control in Raleigh & Charlotte

There are several turf insects that can create severe damage in your lawn. Some of the common ones in North Carolina and South Carolina are White Grubs, Fall Army Worms, Sod Web Worm, Hunting Billbugs and Sugar Cane Beetles. Many times property owners do not identify insect damage correctly confusing it with disease or other types of stress.
Fairway Green’s Lawn & Shrub care professionals can quickly identify and offer an effective insect control program to curb major damage. Contact your Fairway Green licensed professional in Raleigh or Charlotte for a free, detailed analysis of your lawn!

Fire Ant Control & Removal

Fire ant colonies are normally found in warm sunny places such as lawns, landscape beds, along pavement cracks, around trees and shrubs and against buildings. If disturbed, they turn aggressive and deliver extremely painful and sometimes life threatening stings. At Fairway Green, our Lawn Care professionals are well versed in dealing with Fire Ant problems and infestations. We can assess your property and offer a Fire Ant Control treatment that is guaranteed to keep your lawn free of fire ants for up to a year.

White Grub Control

Most of the white grubs found in the Transitional Zone are from Japanese Beetles, the Northern and Southern Masked Schafer and June Beetles. However, the Japanese beetle tends to be the one creating the most damage to lawns and landscapes. White grub species that exist in North Carolina and South Carolina, including the Japanese beetle, have a life cycle of one year, of which 10 months is spent under your lawn. Grubs feed on the root system of plants and sometimes decaying organic matter at the root zone. Grub damage is often hard to detect because of their underground activity.

Mosquito Control

Fairway Green offers a mosquito control service for Raleigh, Durham and Cary homeowners which will effectively give you back your yard. Our highly trained and licensed technicians will treat the foliage of trees and shrubs which surround your outdoor living areas with a mosquito treatment, controlling existing mosquitoes and keeping others at bay for approximately three weeks. Our recurring treatment program means our team will return every 21 days to spray again to maintain constant control.

If you suspect you have an insect or grub infestation, give our lawn care professionals a call TODAY!

Insect Control FAQs

What Kinds of Insects Can Damage My Lawn?

  • Grubs: Beetle larvae with off-white bodies and off-brown hinds and heads.
  • Fall Armyworms: 1” long insects with a greenish color and blackish stripes along their sides and down their backs.
  • Chinch Bugs: ⅙” long bugs with white and black markings (younger ones are about half the size of a pinhead and are bright with a white band).

We can help with controlling all of these!

How Do I Treat My Lawn For Mosquitoes?

  • Routinely empty any containers that hold water year-round, like flower pots and buckets.
  • Check for and fix any issues that are creating stagnant water on your lawn, like a leaking hose.
  • Keep your lawn and rain gutters free of leaves and debris.
  • If you have a swimming pool, cover or drain it.
  • Prevent your grass from getting overgrown.
  • Get expert help to control them.

When Is The Best Time To Treat Your Lawn For Insects?

The best time to treat your lawn for insects is 24 hours after significant rainfall.

Turf Maintenance Plans for Every Lawn

Looking for ongoing lawn care? Our turf maintenance plans provide regular lawn treatments to keep your grass, trees, or shrubs looking their best. Learn more about our plans, find the perfect program for your lawn, and request your free estimate today!

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