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Charlotte: (704) 392-0811
  • Fairway Green is the premier yard company in my book...Their attention and focus has created a beautiful carpet of green and against my blue home….5 Stars for Fairway Green! Many thanks!! -Sandra E.
  • Fairway had transformed my front yard into the nicest on the block. Now have them helping with my back yard. No doubt be just as impressive. Field & Office staff very knowledgeable and helpful. -Erin B.
  • Fairway Green is an excellent service for us. We have been using them for over 3 years now and all of our neighbors have switched them as well. If you have an issue, they are right on it and get you taken care of quickly. -Andy H.
  • Great customer service and a great looking lawn!!!! -Tom T.
  • Great company! Easy to work with! Great results! -Aaron S.
  • The seeding crew was here and at our other property and they did an excellent job. All areas were well covered with aeration and seeding. Thank you for getting this done correctly. -Jessie T.
  • We want to acknowledge Fairway Green for the outstanding service and guidance over the last few years. -Kim and Bill S.

Pasture Care in Raleigh & Charlotte, NC

With over 20 years of experience caring for local pastures, you can trust Fairway Green to tailor a pasture care service to fit your needs and budget!

Fairway Green can help increase your pasture’s forage capacity by increasing plant vigor, controlling undesirable weed grasses and through proper forage selection. Whether you have 2 acres, 30 acres or more, no job is too big or small. Our professional pasture care services take away the stress of managing and maintaining large or small acreages of forage or waterways.

We start with soil samples to determine the best agronomic plan for your particular property. A properly maintained pasture can increase forage production and decrease your dependency on outside sources. Having a beautiful looking pasture is an added benefit!

Seeding for our Pasture Care Services

Fairway Green uses the highest grade forage mixtures when seeding pastures. Let us help you decide on which forage grass is best for you. After we seed your Bermuda, Tall Fescue or Orchard Grass pasture, consider using our on-going Pasture Care Services to help you maintain proper health and nutrition for your property. Fairway Green can even help with your annual forages like Rye, Wheat or Oats.

Contact us TODAY for your free pasture care analysis. We look forward to working with you!

Turf Maintenance Plans for Every Lawn

Looking for ongoing lawn care? Our turf maintenance plans provide regular lawn treatments to keep your grass, trees, or shrubs looking their best. Learn more about our plans, find the perfect program for your lawn, and request your free estimate today!

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