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Charlotte: (704) 392-0811
  • BEST Lawn Care we have EVER had in Garner! Took a plot of dirt, weeds and moss & turned it into a beautiful green lawn.
  • Our lawn is one of the best looking lawns in the neighborhood. We have almost zero weeds and the grass is lush and green.
  • Have done a FANTASTIC job with our yard. Took it from brown to green in no time at all!

Monthly News

July 2022 News from Fairway Green

Keep your cool in all the summer heat with the best summer lawn tips from Fairway Green. They’ll help you work smarter, not harder.

June 2022 News from Fairway Green

For your summer lawn success, we’ve put together all the info and tips you need. Whether you have a cold or warm-season lawn, you’re covered.

May 2022 News from Fairway Green

Get your lawn in summertime shape with the right tricks, tips and help for success.

April 2022 News From Fairway Green

Your lawn can overcome any springtime issue with the right care and help. Here are the need-to-know tips for warmer weather lawn care.

March 2022 News From Fairway Green

Your spring lawn gameplan is here.

February 2022 News From Fairway Green

With spring almost here, get Fairway Green’s tricks and tips for the best possible lawn experience this season.

January 2022 News From Fairway Green

Put your best foot forward — and on to a great lawn — with money off services, solutions for winter-specific problems and more. 

December 2021 News From Fairway Green

With a new season and year right around the corner, keep your lawn in optimal condition with the below info. 

November 2021 News From Fairway Green

Poa Annua (annual Bluegrass) Poa annua (annual Bluegrass) is a common winter annual grassy weed in all turf types, and it is one of the more frustrating weeds in home lawns from November to May. It will be found in all turf types, and is easily seen in warm season turf during the winter because… Read more »

October News From Fairway Green

Fescue Seeding in the Transitional Zone Pre-emergent has the ability to control crabgrass and other weeds from germinating from seed in the lawn. Pre-emergent applied in late winter/spring has broken down by now, allowing crabgrass and other weeds to germinate and develop. Pre-emergent is designed to break down in late July to early August so… Read more »

September 2021 News From Fairway Green

September is one of the more difficult times of the year for lawn care in this part of the country.  This is when many homeowners have concerns about the amount of weeds in the lawn and declining turf (this is especially the case for Fescue turf). There are a couple uncontrollable reasons for this situation…. Read more »

July 2021 News From Fairway Green

Save on Seeding Please watch your email inbox for a chance to save 5% on your seeding this fall. Email will be sent out around mid-July. The email will have a link (Reserve Now!) at the bottom that will take you to the customer portal to add this service to your account. This is an… Read more »

June 2021 News From Fairway Green

Fairway Green Mosquito Control Program Safely enjoy the outdoors this summer by controlling disease-ridden mosquitos at home! We all know mosquitoes transmit diseases like West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, and Chikungunya.  Now we have another one to worry about: Zika!   Fairway Green’s Mosquito Control Program can help control Mosquitos giving you and your family peace of… Read more »

May 2021 News From Fairway Green

News and lawn care tips from Fairway Green in Raleigh.

April 2021 News From Fairway Green

The latest lawn care & landscaping news from Fairway Green

Do You Have Poa Annua In Your Lawn?

Poa annua (annual Bluegrass) has been the majority of customer and non-customer communications starting in mid-March. Poa annua appears to be worse this year due to our excessive soil saturation this winter and spring. We had the second wettest winter on record. Fairway Green’s March newsletter contained an article about water-logged soil influencing turfgrass written… Read more »

March 2021 News from Fairway Green

Why Do I Have Poa Annua (Annual Bluegrass)? Poa annua (annual bluegrass) is an annual grass that is being noticed more this month due to the large amount of tan colored seed heads the plant is producing now. It usually stands out in late April into May. The above-normal ground temperatures we had a couple… Read more »

February 2021 News From Fairway Green

Lawn care news and tips from Fairway Green.

January 2021 News From Fairway Green

Summer Crabgrass Control Starts Now Fairway Green and many other turf care managers will start their first application of pre-emergent Crabgrass control this month through early March. Crabgrass Germination will usually start when soil temperatures are about 53 degrees and 2 to 4 inches deep, which is late March or early April throughout the Transitional… Read more »

December 2020 News from Fairway Green

As we have mentioned, it’s important to be diligent about keeping leaves and other debris off of your turf. Severe damage will occur if leaves stay on your turf for extended periods. If you have a Fescue lawn that had seeding or sod in the fall, damage can be quick and severe. Rather than raking,… Read more »