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Charlotte: (704) 392-0811
  • BEST Lawn Care we have EVER had in Garner! Took a plot of dirt, weeds and moss & turned it into a beautiful green lawn.
  • Our lawn is one of the best looking lawns in the neighborhood. We have almost zero weeds and the grass is lush and green.
  • Have done a FANTASTIC job with our yard. Took it from brown to green in no time at all!

Monthly News

January 2019 News From Fairway Green

Winter Annual Weeds Winter annual weeds can be prolific this time of year.  These weeds germinate in the fall, grow through the winter months, and reproduce in the spring. The most appropriate time to treat these weeds is when they are young and actively growing.  They become difficult to control once they start to flower…. Read more »

December 2018 News From Fairway Green

Happy Holidays From Our Family to Yours! Fall Seeding Update Fescue will continue to tiller through the winter and spring months. This will thicken the turf and fill in thin areas. It is not uncommon to see germination and development through winter into early spring. Most Fescue lawns will look nice and full by late… Read more »

November 2018 News From Fairway Green

Fall Fescue Seed Germination is Very Slow this Year Regularly irrigated lawns are faring better but still a little slow.  If you are not willing to or unable to water, be patient. We are seeing many lawns that have germinated and stopped developing because of the dry periods this Fall. It is not uncommon to… Read more »

October 2018 News From Fairway Green

Doveweed Doveweed is one of our newest problematic and prolific summer annual broadleaf weed invading lawns throughout our area. Doveweed is a very aggressive and rapidly spreading weed with narrow soft low growing leaves that resembles grass. Doveweed is spreading rapidly in individual lawns and geographically. It has become one of the most problematic weeds… Read more »

September 2018 News From Fairway Green

Large Patch Fungus  Late September starts the Large Patch fungus season on Zoysia, Bermuda, Centipede and St. Augustine. Fairway Green is seeing more cases of this disease every year in our area. Large Patch Fungus is a damaging disease on Zoysia, Bermuda, Centipede and St. Augustine turf in the fall and early spring. This disease… Read more »